Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nature's Still Life #12

For this piece, I tried putting colors down somewhat randomly where I wanted the leaf and rock shapes to go and then put wax paper on the wet paint. When it dried and I lifted the wax paper, I had all these interesting shapes and colors. I then went back and glazed over many of the internal shapes to accentuate them. I put a neutral background in, but then decided I needed to tie it better to the rock and leaf shapes so I carried the lines created within the shapes into the background by glazing sections. The two large shapes on the left (the big rock and the leaf) were two connected so I did some lifting and darkening to get one to be in front of the other.
I had fun with this one. Rather abstract for me, but I learned alot and I was rather pleased with the color harmony and interesting overall textures.

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