Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Nature's Still Life #9 - Watery Leaves

I still really liked the idea of using the water reflections to create an interesting value pattern, so I made another attempt at that. I am much happier with this version. The zigzag is a much more interesting composition, and I think it is successful in zigging you over to the focal point of the twig shadow. Mike says my rocks need more variation which is true. They are different shapes but not different sizes. I could probably use a class on watercolor techniques for water as well. But my main focus was on composition for this one, and I think that worked.


janice said...

This may be my favorite! You did a brilliant job of capturing the slight quiver of the water at the edges of the leaves and the colors are so fresh.

Kaaren said...

I was happy with that little water ripple by the big leaf, too. I struggled with how many ripples to put in, when I really was looking for still water reflections. I should study your koi painting some more.