Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nature's Still Life #19

I did this painting by first using a Sepia colored Micron pen for the entire drawing including hatch marks for shading. I then collaged some strips of white tissue paper on top in random spots for texture. Unfortunately, the tissue paper was very thin and I must not have used enough Yes paste because when I added water later, some of the tissue paper just came right up or disintegrated. Anyway, after the tissue paper, I loosely painted with watercolor on top. There are definitely parts of this painting I really like, especially the colors and I think there is a definite focal point - the triangle created by the little rocks and where the leaves cross. Some of the textures created by the tissue paper were very effective as well. I think I'd like to try the tissue paper again but use a thicker paper and more paste. It was fun painting loosely, somehow the pen drawing underneath really freed me that way.

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