Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Nature's Still Life #8 - Zen Leaves

I call this Zen Leaves because I think it leaves you with such a calm mood. My goal in this painting (in addition to mood) was to work on losing the light edges of the leaves, which I think worked nicelyl. Looking now at the photo I realize I should have played with the values a bit more. There was supposed to be sort of a hook composition bringing you down through the front leaf and then back to big leaf with the branch in front. Also, I need to get better at losing my dark edges under the rocks. Mike suggested that I could bring it up a notch if I had a bit more variation which is true, but I also kind of like the simplicity of it.
I am still happy with this painting because it accomplished my mood objective and it makes me feel peaceful.

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janice said...

I think it's beautiful! It is indeed restful, and your use of a limited palette is very skillful.